Wettworker – Like A Member of ISIS
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Wettworker – Like A Member of ISIS
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One of four demon priestesses.

Driven by the stench of carnal decadence, the Wettworker rises to lay waste to those who have abandoned themselves. Steadicam lo-fi was the concept, the final product is a shocking house party transformation.


Produced by Wettworker
Shot, Chopped & Directed by Kyle James-Patrick

Our initial plan was to create a single shot video, with everyone laying down as we came back into the house… well, then things changed. I wanted to show how droll and monotonous the every sourced party scene is – perhaps with motivations from my own sobriety – and how it is just a skin sack of deplorable, thoughtless grinding. The edit is able to recreate this as we move back and forth in moments of time. The background performers were unable to repeat the same instructions so we decided to play into that. In doing so we forged twelve different takes of the same sequence. Cut together it fills the house and adds greater movement which drives home the irritation of having your home filled with millennial wasters.

The carnage is a single take, no cuts, no gimmicks. I chose to light with red to give the presence of the clouded mind. As written in Plato, the allegory cave where the shadows dance and trick the chained into believing the reality. Within this environment I wanted to show what those figures looked like; high priestesses of the dark order.