We The Unwilling
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We The Unwilling
image movie

Dean : Scott Sturgess
Captain : Mike McGowan

Written & Directed by James Croft
Produced, Shot, Chopped, Coloured in by Kyle James-Patrick
Sound Design by Lee Charallah

Brief history is this.
Sept 30th : James, Kyle and Scott meet to talk about what we’re going to make next. We all bring script ideas, character monologues, little bits of paper with big ideas. James shows us the outline for “We The Unwilling”… it blows us away. So we decide to start shooting parts of it that we can, with what limited resources we had to hand.
Oct 1st : Kyle get’s his phone out.
Oct 2nd : James, Kyle, Scott and Mike are trudging through the forests in North Yorkshire with all the gear we could get our hands on. A script with ink that hasn’t dried yet, and a stream which became a river overnight (bring wellies). We shoot it.
Oct 3rd – 6th : Kyle couldn’t edit. The bug bites sustained from the shoot shut his whole body down. The mound behind Scott was teaming with flesh eaters and we were sucked dry.
Oct 7th : Edit finished. Passed over to sound to give it a bit of a scrub and put some BG in. Colour grade added after watching a hell of a lot of Band of Brothers.
Oct 13th : Sound finished. Film exported and uploaded.

For a film that was based in Vietnam we took it from a coffee table conversation to a finished film in 2 weeks. Sure, we could have done with more coverage and the cast could have done with an extra day with the script, but had we not shot this film, it wouldn’t be here all these years later and as Uwe Boll said, the worst film maker is someone who doesn’t make any films.