Ritual Dictates – Extinction
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Ritual Dictates – Extinction
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A blood curdling ritual of madness as mankind destroys mother earth for it’s own lust of destruction. Extinction is our fate, a power of vast magnitude.


RITUAL DICTATES – Extinction (Uncensored Version)
Music: Hagberg / Lyrics: Pearson
From the album “GIVE IN TO DESPAIR” (Artoffact Records, April 2020)
Directed by Kyle James-Patrick
Produced by Rachel Rampage

Ritual Dictates – Inspired by a wide array of styles and instruments, the music itself has straightforward elements of metal and grind, with detours into anything from black metal to good time rock and roll. Picking up on inspiration from their respective previous bands Allfather and Angel Grinder, ex-3 Inches of Blood members Justin Hagberg and Ash Pearson (drummer of Revocation) are continuing down the heavy metal path while fusing their eclectic influences of black, grind, death metal and classic rock into interesting new places.

“Give In To Despair”, the first full length offering by Ritual Dictates, was recorded in Vancouver and will be released through Artoffact Records in April 2020.Mixed by Jesse Gander (Bison, Anciients, Japandroids) and mastered by Jason Corbett (Actors), ”Give in to Despair” sees Mr. Hagberg and Mr. Pearson produce a savage onslaught of varied compositions. With guests musicians including Danko Jones, Shawn Haché (Mitochondrion, Auroch, & Night Profound), and Shane Clark (formerly of Bison & 3 Inches of Blood), “Give In To Despair” stays true to the metal form, while offering diverse styles that Ritual Dictates has made