Not For The Saving
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Not For The Saving
Not For The Saving
Not For The Saving
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Della Haddock stars as Mia in Not For The Saving

It’s 2:30am and Mia is about to fall from the roof, until him.

Not For The Saving is a drama about a woman who is about to commit suicide by jumping off a building when she’s saved by a party boy who had just come up for a cigarette. He’s the worst person imaginable to be her savior and the ensuing conversation between them, where they bring out the best and worst in each other, as he tries to convince her to live, is the film.

A real time drama about fragility of life and the importance of compassion.

Written and Directed by Kyle James-Patrick
Produced by Vanessa Driveness & Dylan Kilgour
Staring Della Haddock & Camden Filtness
Edited by Ian Macleod
Director of Photography – Bruce Borland
Music Composed by Christopher Xiao
Sound Recorded by Alex Shamku
Sound Design by Alex Macia
Script Supervisor – Ananda Kientz

Filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

  • Producers
    Dylan Kilgour / Vanessa Driveness / Kyle James-Patrick /
  • Staring
    Della Haddock / Camden Filtness / Chenai Austin / Rachel Rampage / /
  • Cinematography
    Bruce Borland /
  • Camera
    Mike Eubanks / Corbin Heide / Alex Robechaud /
  • Sound
    Alex Shamku / Brian Lam / Alex Macia /
  • Composer
    Christopher Xiao /
  • Script Supervisor
    Ananda Kientz /
  • Editor
    Ian McCleod /
  • Written & Directed by
    Kyle James-Patrick /