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Nightwing: Prodigal
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Nightwing: Prodigal
Nightwing: Prodigal
Nightwing: Prodigal
Nightwing: Prodigal
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Nightwing: Prodigal Director of Photography Bruce Borland (left) with star Brady Roberts (right) on the Harley Quinn set build by KJP.

"I wanted to take on a project that I didn't write, in a universe I had no part in making. Nothing would stand out to me as much as the DC Comic Universe.

We had a tiny budget of $2,000 thanks to the generous donations of fans and with that we had to create 44 minutes of television standard production. With Christopher Nolan's series setting a new standard in superhero film quality, I knew that we wouldn't be able to compete for that so opted to take style from the comics themselves and less like the Hollywood counterpart. I was a massive fan of the Adam West series and the first portrayal of the villains and with that I needed to set them in a world that would be submissive to the characters size.

We had such a small crew and time constraints on locations we only had 2-3 takes per set up so getting the show made was one of the most difficult schedules I had experienced. We shot Catwoman, Harley Quinn, The Riddler and Tim Drake all in the same 12 hour day. It was utterly brutal on me and Bruce as we were effectively the camera team, lighting, grips and set dressers but it was an experience we both ended up loving as what doesn't break you makes you a thousand times stronger and more appreciative of the resources bigger productions have at their disposal. I am very proud of getting Nightwing: Prodigal finished on time and on budget and the reaction of the fans has been incredible, but I will not be stepping into a DC Comics production again without the resources needed to do the caped legends justice."

Kyle James-Patrick, Dec 2016.

No other work acts as a better calling card for the resourcefulness and ingenuity of Kyle James-Patrick than the web series Nightwing: Prodigal.

Drawing on the long tradition of comic book stories such as The Long Halloween and Hush, the titular hero must fight his way through a gauntlet of Batman’s deadliest rogues including Poison Ivy, The Riddler and Bane as he seeks out his missing mentor.

Elevating this from mere fan-fiction, KJP brings to life the vibrant world of the DC Universe from seemingly nothing, designing sets from scratch and drawing out the histrionic in his cast.

Despite the script ostensibly tying into the more recent Batman arc Court of Owls, KJP infuses this grim and gritty tale with the whacky and the wonderful.

Paying homage to the recent stewards of Bat-lore Christopher Nolan and Scott Snyder whilst firmly tipping his hat to the legacies of Adam West and Dick Sprang. This is notably seen in the design for The Riddler played by Camden Filtness.

The cameo from Harley Quinn is a particular highlight. Showcasing the potential mad brilliance of a fully-fledged superhero film from this director given a budget any thicker than a shoe string.

The final twist of this series only serves to reinforce that fact, that in spite of any lowly origins or budgetary constraints KJP is a visionary filmmaker who will always shoot for the stars.

Nightwing: Prodigal

From left to right: Bruce Borland, Samantha Derochie, Brady Roberts, Kyle James-Patrick

Winning award
  • Written by
    Brady Roberts/
  • Directed by
    Kyle James-Patrick/
  • Director of Photography
    Bruce Borland/
  • Staring
    Brady Roberts/ Florence Reiher/ Camden Filtness/ Aidan Pringle/ Maddie Phillips/ Nick Scholtz/ Hartley Holmberg/ Kylie Bush/ Taya Valkyrie/
  • Produced by
    Brady Roberts/ Kyle James-Patrick/
  • 1st Assistant Director
    Samantha Derochie/
  • Sound by
    Brian Lam/
  • Visual Effects by
    JD Buzz/
  • Special Effects by
    Eric Bullock/
  • Production Design, Editing by
    Kyle James-Patrick/
  • Costume and Make-Up Designer
    Lindsay McMillan/
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Brady Roberts
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Camden Filtness
The Riddler
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Kylee Bush
Poison Ivy
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Florence Reiher
image character
Taya Valkrie