Mojo Fury – The Mann
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Mojo Fury – The Mann
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The band had a budget of 200 quid to make a video that would be “mental” but they didn’t want to be in it. So I asked them if they would help out if I gave them some massive animal heads to wear, they were down.

A few months after we delivered the video, the label asked “Why can’t we see it’s you? Who’s this guy with the plunger? People are going to think the plunger guy is Mojo Fury. This ain’t gonna work.” The band shot another, more traditional, video which featured their faces and that’s the one you’ll see today.

But this will always be a banger for me. I spent a few days converting my place into this psychedelic cardboard jam room. I had been watching a lot of Michel Gondry and the desire to just build impressionism was great.


Produced by Roach Productions

Acid Allen : Richard John Galloway
Animals : Mojo Fury

Director : Kyle James-Patrick
Director of Photography : Mat Holloway
Visual Effects & Colour : Ricko Roach
Set Design : Kyle James-Patrick
Art Assist : Suzy-Ann Smith & Ricko Roach

Costumes by the West Yorkshire Playhouse