Hawk Eyes – NASA Vs ESA
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Hawk Eyes – NASA Vs ESA
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“We went to the moon man, in a tin can, that’s so cool, man.” Hawk Eyes

A small single serving kitchen in West Yorkshire played host to a great meeting between Hawk Eyes (then Chickenhawk) and KJP.

Huddled around steaming brews with the odd piece of shag rolling tobacco littering the war table, Paul Astick declared that he wanted to fake the moon landing… But that he only have forty quid and some duct tape.

The video was to show how one can alter perception through a misconstrued superiority complex. A satire of the theories behind the conspiracy, but also a real account of the intellectual dominance that occurred after the Apollo mission.

The video was shot over three days in a dusty former BBC studio. We made everything out of cardboard, gardening supplies and drop sheets.

Unfortunately the NASA Vs ESA Halloween Costume packs did not shift as well as we had hoped. So if anyone is looking for 862 crappy astronaut costumes, email Paul Astick.