Gorgeous Lord Gretzky – Internet Angels
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Gorgeous Lord Gretzky – Internet Angels
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Gorgeous Lord Gretzky - Internet Angels

It’s called “Internet Angels. It basically takes a direct jab at those specific individuals (as well as artists) , who spend a lot of their personal time following internet trends. Which as a result is the purpose behind the officially coining of the term #InternetAngel. By definition the people who have “anonymously” supported Gorgeous Geordie over the years. Instrumentals were produced by Necedah, from New Mexico. #Vials (whom you will be hearing more from here in an upcoming article later this week, stay tuned) makes an appearance in the video, as well as GG‘s Instagram homegirl Nina Snacks (@ninasnacks), and his buddy Curt. Kyle James-Patrick directed the video and it was produced by Kayvon Saremi.