Depression Sucks
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Depression Sucks
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Phil has severe depression, so bad it’s manifested itself as a vulgar nemesis called Teddy. Laura also has depression but her demon is a venomous harlot called Arsha. When the two meet, the characters in their heads form an unstoppable team of misery proving well and truly that depression sucks.

Depression Sucks is a screwball comedy about the darkest part of the mind coming to life and dictating every thought and action. Laced with insults and deep insight to personal struggles, the depression monsters are ruthless in their intentions to drag down Phil and Laura

The inspiration for the film came from Drop Dead Fred (1991) and the celebration of English Comedian Rik Mayall. While Depression Sucks is a laugh out loud adventure it creates a very real representation of many people’s struggles with the voice that always has something negative to say. Ultimately choosing to be happy is how Phil and Laura overcome their monsters, but the path is not always as simple as that whether you have a Teddy or an Arsha screaming behind your ear.

Teddy : Talen Mabry
Arsha : Sarah Seekamp
Phil : Branden Kupfer
Laura : Reanna Cameron
Donny : Camden Filtness

Written and Directed by Kyle James-Patrick
Produced by Kayvon Saremi
Cinematography by Jony Roy
Original Score by Georges Couling
Sound Mixing by Lee Charellah
1st AD : Kameron Bodaly
Make-Up and Hair Designed by Joanna Archer
Sound Recorded by Adam Pisani
Boom-Op : Elaine Hoeska
Camera Operator : Jacob Harris