The Blackwood Renegades – Must Be Nice
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The Blackwood Renegades take on The Bad Reputations in an all out Roller Derby brawl in their video “Must Be Nice”.

Who will win? Who will lose? Who will bleed?!

This 90s throwback to the glory days of pop-punk is everything you could want to draw upon that nostalgic tear and smile of an era of Warp Tours, low cut baggy jeans and safety pins. Punk Rock vs Roller Derby – enjoy!

The Blackwood Renegades – Must Be Nice
Music Video

Director: Kyle James-Patrick
Producer: Michael Aaron Keith
Co-Producer: Mandi Egilsson
Director of Photography: Alexandre Robichaud
Editor: Jony Roy
1st Assistant Director: Mandi Egilsson
2nd Assistant Director: Tracy Susheski
Steadicam Operator: Thomas Yardley