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Born in Winnipeg and raised in London England, Kyle now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. He obtained a double major in English Literature and Media Production at Leeds University, paving way for several production house opportunities.

Stemming from desire to find a creatively balanced approach, Kyle and crony Rick Frier opened Roach Productions in 2006. The opening of Roach paved opportunity for Kyle to further exercise his creative ambitions through a diverse range of music video production. Genres ranged from hip-hop, hardcore, alt-rock and grunge. Many notable UK artists used their services.

At the forefront was their music video for Hawk Eyes “I Hate this Do you like it?”, which opened many doors for Roach Productions. With the typical lower budgets of most musicians Kyle became extremely experimental with his approach and by doing so uncovered his desire to hone larger narratives in longer formats. Although Kyle and Rick found great pleasure in the exploratory aspects of Roach Production, they soon realized the financial potential of working with more commercial clients. This led them to open a sister company- Fresh Cut, which focused on live events, web content, and viral marketing. The constant flow of work from both companies was both challenging and extremely rewarding.

After several productive years in London, Kyle relocated to Canada in 2011. With desire to learn the ins and outs of Hollywood, Kyle’s covet came true. Since his arrival in Canada he has completed work on his own distributed feature film (Not For The Saving 2014), several shorts (Elements 2014, Follow Me 2015, Depression Sucks 2018) and two award winning web series (Last Fall of Ashes 2013, Nightwing: Prodigal 2014). He gained experience working on large scale film productions (Dawn Of The Planet of the Apes, War Of The Planet of the Apes, The Predator) and several major television shows (Fringe, Wayward Pines, The Man In The High Castle, The Flash, X-Files, Riverdale, Siren). Within two years of arriving to Canada, Kyle pushed his limits to create his first feature film, Not For The Saving.  Taking the process from pre to post proved to be substantially beneficial to his growth.

As Kyle’s portfolio grows he continues to crave challenge and continuous momentum.


Kyle’s wide-ranging array of work proves his commitment to development in all facets of film.

As a director one uses their experience and vision to swiftly shift queries into concrete resolutions, all while maintaining budget and timeliness. It’s integral that they do so with poise and confidence that does not overbear their crew, but instead empowers every member to see the definite significance of their role in relation to the final product. Kyle prides himself on his ability to calmly delegate required tasks while maintaining a team mentality. He believes in strength of many and will always chose a composed demeanor before a loud demand.

His principal vocation is to honor the producers vision fairly, taking himself out of the equation and making their aspirations the forefront of his work. Whether it be a 30 second home safety awareness spot or a 2 hour film about time travel, Kyle aims to communicate with the core of a person’s liveliness. He views film as an opportunity to represent the audience in an alternative manner, creating an escapism that reflects the viewer back onto themselves.

In order to be progressive with his learning Kyle expanded his repertoire to include photography. He enjoys the freedom to experiment with lighting designs, colour palettes and model/actor direction, and although he feels he’s come to apex with learning the equipment, his conceptual work continues to challenge him.

Whether a short commercial or a full length feature film, Kyle commits himself fully to his craft. His strong work ethic, inventive approach, and varied experience ensure quality is continuously delivered.

Fake KJP Signiture

Showreel 2019 Edition

Kyle James-Patrick 2019

Depression Sucks

Depression Sucks Short Film Kyle James-Patrick

Bizzy Mind - Skeleton

Bizzy Mind Kyle James-Patrick

Blackwood Renegades - Must Be Nice

The Blackwood Renegades - Must Be Nice

Shot alongside up and coming DOP virtuoso Alex Robichaud, this punk rock banger about roller Derby drenches itself in color.

The People North West - Apollo (feat I M U R)

The People North West - Apollo feat I M U R

Wettworker - Like A Member of ISIS

A devastating commentary on the weak, brash, selfish scene that follows musical tropes. This video was designed to be lo-fi and unsettling, something that was achieved with devastating effect.



I M U R – FFL (Fight, Fuck, Love) is the latest production with Vancouver Future Soul duo I M U R. The video takes in themes of infidelity within the liberal modern society whilst maintaining a strong source of cerebral romance.
Written, directed and edited by Kyle James-Patrick, this project was a true test in erotic and intelligent narrative.

2015 to 2017
Bridge Burners Sessions

Working closely with the audacious Bridge Burners Union, KJP produced live sessions, single take videos with fully bespoke glitch art. No plugins, no after effects, just hardcore single animation frames to give the bad VHS style a new vision.

Bridge Burners Session

Cander - Lights Out

A passion project based on the score from the feature film “Not For The Saving” , entirely produced and animated by KJP, Lights Out is a visceral experience of falling into the shadows of Plato’s Allegory Cave.

Cander - The Flight Down

Gorgeous Geordie - Internet Angels

Created as a tribute to anti-comedy legends Tim & EricInternet Angels was an entirely satirical slant on the rap video archetype. Made on spec to Geordie’s requirement, this was a true return to the DIY film technique.

Follow Me

Written by Terry LeClaire, a story of the 90s, punks and poor life choices staring Mac Harmon and Peter James Gray.  Follow Me - 2015


Took home the “Best Picture” and “Best Actor” award at Phrike Film Festival and also “Best Horror” at VISBAFF.2

Not For The Saving

A 14 month labour of the love and dedication.

Staring Della Haddock and Camden Filtness.

Not For The Saving - Film

Nightwing: Prodigal

4 Episodes released to great acclaim. Official selections and panels at several Expos.

Nightwing: Prodigal


Drawing on past zombie related experiences, this spine tingling short contains signature styled shots that KJP would deploy in many of his darker stories.

Directed by Mike Eubank.


Dirty Earth Vibrations - Gates of Splendor


Diamond Dancer - Sleeping in Mt Pleasant.

Small indie band Diamond Dancer played a beautiful show at the Narrow Bar and this video encapsulated the glorious spring time vibe.

Left Roach Productions / Fresh Cut Media

KJP leaves the UK for Canada to pursue North American avenues and opportunities.

Mojofury - The Mann

Psychedelic hallucinations and demonoid animals run amok in this hilarious hand made video for Mojofury. 3

Kong - Snake Magnet

Providing an hour long DVD bonus movie to go with Kong’s debut album was no easy feat.


The Little Jesus

Penned by acclaimed writer Martin McDonagh (In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths), The Little Jesus is a dark story of a child with good intentions being lost in the system to murderous foster parents. The film was made with the Hanrick Theatre Group and pushes the contemporary narrative to the outer limits.


Hawk Eyes - I Hate This, Do You Like It?

A year before Zombies became the fan favourite, Roach Productions produced this ultimate rock video full of carnage and gore.7

In The Mix (Season 1)

A mockumentary about the rise of a street youth rapper and the hopes of a struggling documentary maker Peter Dalton come crashing down together when the truth of their origins become known.

Hawk Eyes - NASA vs ESA

“We went to the moon man, in a tin can, that’s so cool man”

Kong - Leather Penny

The greatest, filthiest, most derranged mob tell the story of their day out in Manchester laced with depravity, ignorance and mental illness.


Wintermute - Dead or Not He was Wearing Sunglasses

A classic trope music video of a band playing in a basement in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

We The Unwilling

Written by James Croft, this short story highlights a moment in time between a terrified soldier and a war torn veteren amongst the brutal Vietnam war.


Live & Tour Videographer

Working freelance between journalists and publishers all over the UK covering live music and talent within it. Created content for MTV UK, NME TV, Scuzz, Rocksound, Art Rocker, Spin Magazine.


Virgin Shorts Finalist “Led” was a 2-minute masterclass in horror

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